Video Journalism in and on Southeast Europe



Journalists are key actors in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about Southeast Europe. The course aims to familiarise students and postgraduates with video journalism in and about the region. The journalist Vjosa Çerkini has been invited to lead the workshop. 

The workshop will start with a discussion about the video format in journalism and what the work of a video journalist looks like from the very beginning to the final product. Building on this, Vjosa will give an introduction to the different techniques and formats and storytelling in difference to influencer in Social Media. Explanation of using various case studies from her work in Kosovo and the Western Balkans. In the third block, you can try out for yourself how to make short but powerful videos with your smartphone for social media. At the end of the day, you will have learnt how to tell impressive video stories and make documentary films and will have shot your first short video with your smartphone. 

Please bring your smartphone as you will need it for your video.

Vjosa Çerkini is a journalist and documentary filmmaker. Born in the Kosovar capital Pristina, she lived in Kosovo during the lived in Germany during the Kosovo war. After her return, she studied journalism at the University of Pristina. She reports freelance on politics, human rights, business, crime and society from Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and the other Western Balkan countries for DW, MDR, dpa and regional broadcasters in the Balkans. She is involved in international documentary film projects in the USA and Europe. In 2021, Vjosa's documentary film "Working Today, Only for Tomorrow" was named the best documentary film of the year by the Kosovo Journalists Association. In 2023, she worked on an investigative story about fraud in call centres, which was named one of the ten best investigative stories in Europe by Investigative Journalism Europe.

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