Online-Lecture and Discussion

″From Londongrad with Love“

Lecture and Discussion with Dr. Belfjore Zifla, University of Tirana, and Prof. Christian Voss, HU Berlin

    Vesna Goldsworthy is the author of ″Inventing Ruritania. The Imperialism of the Imagination“ (1998) in which she applies the constructivist paradigm to Southeast Europe and depicts Balkan stereotypes in Western European popular culture since the myth of Dracula in belles lettres literature. In Germany she became well-known with her autobiography on childhood and youth in Yugoslav Serbia ″Heimweh nach Nirgendwo“ 2005 (″Chernobyl Strawberries“). Her poetry in ″The Angel of Salonika“ and her novels like ″Gorsky“, ″Monsieur Ka“, or the forthcoming „Iron Curtain“ transpose her personal experience of migration, acculturation and intercultural perception and misunderstandings to London during the Cold War and the East-West bloc confrontation.

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    Am 14.04.2021, 18:00 Uhr

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