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Book Discussion: Dejan Djokić, A Concise History of Serbia

Author: Dejan Djokić


    Dejan Djokić


    John Connely 


    Chair for Southeast European History, HU Berlin
    Berliner Forschungskolloquium Südosteuropa

    This accessible and engaging book covers the full span of Serbia's history, from the sixth-century Slav migrations up to the present day. Dejan Djokić draws out several common 
    themes, including: migrations; the Serbs' relations with neighboring empires and peoples; 
    Serbia as a society formed in the imperial borderlands; and the polycentricity of Serbia. The 
    volume also highlights the surprising vitality of Serb identity, and how it has survived in 
    different incarnations over the centuries through reinvention. 

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    Dejan Djokić is Professor of History at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth and 
    currently Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Chair for Southeast European History, 
    Humboldt University of Berlin

    John Connelly is Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of History at the University of California at 
    Berkeley and currently John P. Birkelund Fellow in the Humanities at the American Academy 
    in Berlin

    Am 02.06.2023, 16:00 h

    Venue: Dorotheenstr. 24, room 1.402, Humboldt University of Berlin

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