Online Book Launch

The Resistance Network: The Armenian Genocide and Humanitarianism in Ottoman Syria, 1915–1918

Author: Dr. Khatchig Mouradian
Introduction by Dr. Seyhan Bayraktar, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW

    In his new book, Dr. Khatchig Mouradian explores the history of the underground resistance operating in Ottoman Syria who protected the lives of thou-sands during the Armenian Genocide. Challenging the idea of Armenians as passive victims, Mouradian shows their active role in the formation of a humanita-rian network to fight the destruction of their people. 

    Dr. Khatchig Mouradian is a lecturer in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies (MESAAS) at Columbia University. 

    The book launch is public and can be attended via joining the following link: 



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